Igniting the flame of purpose and passion, Sara is a beacon of transformative energy. Through compelling narratives and deep wisdom, she catapults her audience into a realm where their full potential isn't just a dream—it's reality


Ignite a journey of empowerment, healing, and leadership, inspiring women to kindle their innate growth and tap into their feminine essence. Elevate to the next level of resilience, boundless potential, and impactful influence



Lights, Camera, Action: Ignite Change & Transformation |

Meet Sara, the multifaceted transformational leadership coach, published photographer, video producer, and former Mrs. Morocco. Each layer of her rich professional tapestry contributes to her empowering keynote, “Take The Lead: Directing Your Life’s Story”, offering every audience member an inspiring new ‘angle‘ to view their lives.

Her mission: to guide each attendee in becoming the director of their own life’s film. She crafts a compelling metaphor that invites everyone to ‘frame‘ their goals, ‘zoom in‘ on their dreams, and ‘capture‘ their unique stories.

Whether behind the camera or commanding the stage, Sara ‘develops‘ her speech comparable to a finely crafted film. She skillfully contrasts adversities and victories, while constantly highlighting the power of transformation and personal growth. As a transformational leadership coach, she knows just how to ‘adjust the angle‘, helping her audience find their most advantageous ‘shot‘ at success.

Through her personal ‘scenes‘ and insights from her dynamic career, Sara teaches her audience how to ‘roll‘ with life’s punches, ‘edit‘ out negativity, and ‘produce‘ an inspiring narrative of triumph and growth. Each ‘take‘ not only fuels confidence and sparks change but also ignites a spirit of leadership.

It’s this very essence of leadership and transformation that Sara embodies as a LOVING, POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL LEADER STANDING AS SOURCE OF TRANSFORMATION. Committed to awakening the leader in others and guiding them towards personal transformation, Sara’s dynamic presence has graced stages alongside notable figures like presidential candidate Dr. Rollan Roberts, Senator Steven Bradford, and Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter Miss Ndileka Mandela. Her association with such distinguished personalities amplifies her impact and influence, underscoring her message of empowerment and change.

With Sara’s keynote, attendees embark on a journey of transformation, empowerment, and ignited leadership. Her distinctive approach guides listeners towards their path of self-discovery and personal growth. Choosing Sara means equipping your audience with more than an inspiring talk – they will ‘experience‘ a fresh ‘angle‘, ‘develop‘ a sense of empowerment, and gain the tools to ‘capture‘ their own award-winning life stories.


Imagine a speaker who embodies growth, transformation, and leadership not just in words, but in her very essence. That’s Sara, constantly nurturing her personal and professional growth while exemplifying the principles of empowering leadership. Her speeches reflect this journey; each keynote encapsulates the wisdom acquired, the leadership milestones achieved, and consistently resonates with her core philosophy of continuous learning, growth, and leadership.

Each interaction with Sara’s speeches is like turning the pages of a dynamic book – one that is continuously being written and updated. The narratives she crafts stem from her relentless quest for knowledge and personal evolution, ensuring each speech presents the best ideas, practices, and strategies in personal development. Attendees don’t just listen to a speech – they get a firsthand glimpse into Sara’s transformative journey and are inspired to apply this wisdom in their own lives. This ignites their own paths of personal growth and leadership, empowering them to shape their destiny, kindle their inner fire, and ultimately direct their life’s story.”

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